Meet the Cyber Family and Friends

Carol smallCarol Cyber: Bank manager. Married to Bob
Bob smallBob Cyber: Bob works for a very large software company
Oscar smallOscar Cyber: Oscar is in the 5th grade
Alice small 3Alice Cyber; 18 year old high school student
DavidDavid Cyber: 21 year old college student
SamSecurity Sam:
DawnDetective Dawn: Dawns is a cyber security expert and works in the cyber crime division of the local police and is on lone from the FBI
FloFix-it Flo: Flo runs the local computer shop.
Phil smallPhishing Phil
Trudy smallIntruder Trudy
Eve smallEavesdropping Eve
Paula smallPosting Paula
IvanID Ivan
Malory smallMalicious Malory
BrianBully Brian
Malware Morrie
Red VirusVirus Vicky
wormWormy Wally